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Coal grade DR

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Sale of coal by our company is not limited to one brand for example

Coal DR

We supply from several profiles.

We sell coal brand DR for producer prices. Delivery of coal by DR in all regions of Russia. Shipment of coal produced from Kuzbass cuts and Khakassia. Long-term collaboration, flexible system of discounts depending on volume.

Characteristics of DR-grade coal

Ash,% humidity,%


Class, mm






Heat of High. kcal / kg

The heat of the lower. kcal / kg






















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The struggle for coal - "Severstal" will take part in the competition

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"Severstal" will take part in the competition to develop the deposit Mezhegey coking coal in the Republic of Tyva. Operator will be the company "Vorkuta coal . "
Back in November of last year Rosnedra announced a contest "to use subsoil for the purpose of exploration and mining of coal on Mezhegey field" in the Republic of Tyva.

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"Vorkutaugol" established production record

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In January 2010, "Vorkuta coal "has set a production record. The company has shipped to customers more than 400 thousand tons of concentrate.
This result, according to experts, has become a very major achievement for the company, but at the same time remained room for further development. In January, CEP "Pechora" stood for about three days - had an accident earlier this month and adverse weather conditions (strong storm). If not for these factors, the totals would be even more significant.
- Above all, people have a certain attitude and a passion to surpass that record in the coming months, - says CEO "Vorkutaugol" Sergei Stepanov. - In February, most likely, will not work because there are only 28 days, and one of the spring months - maybe. Writing in excess of the record another 20-30 thousand tons of concentrate is quite real.
Achieve an excellent result was due to several factors.
First of all, excelled mine "North." Miners who worked out seam "Powerful" was given to the surface 160 thousand tons of coal with low ash content packs. Enrichment plant at the mine was able to process all the coal and achieved a record output of concentrate (42-43 percent) due to upgrade (installed spiral separators and centrifuges "Decanter") and the excellent work of the team. As a result, UOF "North" has shipped 125 000 tonnes of concentrate.
Secondly, the CEP "Pechora" commissioned two vacuum filters, which trap small fraction of the coal, rather than merge it as a sludge. In addition, each month enrichment technology and team work becomes more streamlined and clear. It happens less and less stops, ultimately increasing yield of final product.
Third, "Vorkuta" worked perfectly on seam "Triple". Although the UOF mine has an output of concentrate with 20 percent of the collective contribution to the common cause, however, is significant.
According to the executive director of the company, part of the concentrate, "2x" issued "Vorkutaugol" over the plan in January fell to the Cherepovets Steel Plant warehouse.
- In the coming weeks we may have some problems with the implementation of the product, - said Sergei Stepanov. - But the concentrate will be fully realized when we will have a period of re-cabling of lavas and the number of coal supplied to the factory, to decrease slightly.

Author Alexander Litvinov

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Coking coal - the prices

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Prices for coking coal

Coking coal price increased for the first time since the crisis began. The cost of the Russian market reached a point in 65 U.S. dollars per ton. Russian analysts believe that this increase is temporary in nature will have no impact on long-term contracts.

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Sales of coal | coal purchase

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Sale of coal or coal purchase immediately!

Often we have to meet in the internet ad "buy coal "or" buying coal urgently ". Features of our economy and the planning system each time before the heating season, forcing managers to seek funds first, then the provider who will be able to find exceptional volumes of coal and will be able to ship them (at the railway too rigid planning).

That is why one of the direction of our company is selling coal to the population in small quantities.

A small boiler for the heating season, you need one - two carloads of coal, which is about 140 tons. Sales of coal so consumers do not benefit from the suppliers.

Our company is faced with this problem started to back up some of the angle is for sale to consumers of coal so. We also reached an agreement with the railroad and shipping will be done outside of the plan.

But still urge you to lodge an application and schedule a budget for the heating season. Winter in Russia has not been canceled, despite global warming.

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Buy coal coal price

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Buy coal price on carbon

JSC "Coal Company" Kuzbassrazrezugol "" in January - August of 2009 reduced the extraction of coal by 7.8% compared to the same period of 2008 - up to 30.104 million tons, the company said. "Kuzbassrazrezugol" - the second-largest coal mining in Russia, develops industrial stocks 17 fields of Kuzbass, operates 11 coal mine.

In this regard, the price of coal began to slowly creep up. This also contributes to the beginning of the heating season in the central part of Russia. Buy coal for heating and not be left without heat, the problem of many small consumers. The price of coal is often dependent on the volumes that are needed to the consumer, the greater the volume the cheaper will be able to buy coal .

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Memorial day.

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The tragedy at the mine "Komsomolskaya" in 2007 killed 11 miners. June 25 relatives and friends of the victims gathered at the graves of two miners who were buried in Vorkuta, to once again honor the memory of the dead guys and once again remember the circumstances of the explosion in the hope that misfortune will never recur.

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