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Coal coke


We offer you the wholesale supply of foundry coke, metallurgical coke, coke breeze and. We work directly with manufacturers, therefore we guarantee the best value for money. Carload deliveries to Russia, we can organize the delivery trucks.

We conclude that long-term contracts and the supply of single parties.

Coke coal (from him. Koks and English. Coke) - solid porous product gray stone obtained coking coal .

Cox stone coal ny used for iron smelting (metallurgical coke) as a high-quality smokeless fuel, reducing iron ore, baking powder charge materials. Coke coal is also used as fuel in cupola foundry (foundry coke) for domestic use (domestic coke) in the chemical and ferroalloy industries (special types of coke). Blast furnace coke should be large chunks of not less than 25-40 mm, with limited content pieces less than 25 mm (less than 3%) and more than 80 mm. Foundry coke-size pieces of large domains, the most suitable product, in which there are pieces of less than 60-80 mm. The main difference of foundry coke from a domain - low content of S, which should not exceed 1% (coke up to 2%). In industry, ferroalloys using small coke (eg, fraction 10-25 mm), while in contrast to the blast furnace and foundry industries prefer to use a product with high reactivity. Requirements for the strength to domestic coke are less stringent than the domain, and foundry. In all industries the best raw materials - the most durable and low-sulfur low-ash coke, which contains a small amount of fines. World production of coke of coal 400 million tons / year.

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